Internet will be useless by 2040

By 2040 the internet will be useless according to astrologer Stefan Stenudd, who predicted on request of Microsoft the future of the worldwide network.

"From 2025 the web will start to evolve into a giant encyclopaedia". Which means it will become less important and will be overtook by other applications according to Stefan.

Today, 6th of august 2011, the internet or at least the World Wide Web has existed for about 20 years. There are reasons enough for Microsoft to research the www. Ten thousand internet users out twelve European countries were asked about their opinions on the internet and astrologer Stefan Stenudd was asked to give his "scientific" opinion on the future of the internet.

In the study, internet users answered security was there greatest concern while using the web. 42 percent of Europeans feared that they would lose the control of their private life on the net. 68 percent of the interviewed hoped that they would still be able to use the internet in the future without being monitored constantly. Remarkable 19 percent of Europeans hope that in the future the internet would be able to be transplanted in your brain so they would be able to use all collated information.

For the next nine years to come, 38 percent of Europeans believe that books, newspapers and magazines will gradually disappear and will all become digital via websites, apps and e-readers.

32 percent of all Europeans interviewed are convinced that shops in the High Streets will start to disappear and will have to make room for the online equivalents.

There is however good news as half of the Europeans are hopeful that everything offered online such as music, movies and games will be in High Definition. More than a quarter of the Europeans questioned would love to have the internet to predict their wishes and need.

Astrologer Stefun Stenudd sees the evolution of the World Wide Web very specific. He predicts that a period of big changes will arise which will start in 2012 and end in 2017. He goes on by predicting that after this the internet will become an incredible useful tool for professional activities, but will no longer be popular for individuals. In 2025 another big change will arise that will make the internet evolve to a giant encyclopaedia. This will make the web less important and will make other applications more important.

By 2040 the World Wide Web will no longer be useful.


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