8 Ways You Can Ask Someone Out using Facebook

Facebook allow people to do many things virtually that didn’t exist years ago. Dating or actually getting a date can be one of them. Listed below are eight ways you can ask someone out using Facebook

1. Friend Them. First things first, you have to be friends with someone on Facebook first, before you are able to ask them out. If your connection with them is from the past, you can always start with “hey, didn’t we go to school together?” If you don’t know them, check for mutual friends on Facebook and say “I see that you are friends with (fill in the blank) how do you know him/her?".

2. Scope Out Their Profile. Check out their profile information to see if you have any common interests to talk about or just to learn more about them. That way you have something to start a conversation with.
3. Chat. Start up an instant message chat with them, in order to get to know each other better. If you are shy, and have never talked to this person before, you could start typing and then play coy, like you meant to send it to someone else and go from there.
4. Message. Once you have been Facebook friends for awhile, you can send them a message to see how things are and catch up. Compose the email just as you would to any other friend, and if/when they respond back, ask if they want to get together and meet in person.
5. Wall. If you are feeling bold, you can post something to their wall. Be careful with what you say, as this will show up on newsfeeds for all to see. So make sure you aren’t embarrassing yourself with any cheesy or desperate sounding comments. It can be a great way to flirt, though, as you are showing that you don’t care who sees it.
6. Get a Number. Once you strike up a conversation, see if they would like to give you their phone number or offer yours. Tell them that you talk better than you type or can multitask better on the phone (whatever works for you). Once you have a phone conversation, it may be easier for you to ask them out. Besides, if they share their phone number, it shows that they may be interested in you, as well.
7. Event. Start an event and title it “Will you go out to dinner with me?” Then list the date and time and invite him/her. This gives the object of your affection the option of yes, no and maybe.
8. Photo Comments. Again this is for the bold and daring, but leaving a comment on one of their photos is a sure way to get attention. Just remember, anyone else who commented on that photo is also going to get notified of your message, so you may want to pick one that has been posted for awhile and has no other comments.
Remember to follow general safety steps when interacting with people online.
Facebook can be a useful tool in getting a date, just make sure that you know who it is that you are asking out, and have some fun.


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