How To Send Free SMS With Your Facebook Account

It is no more news that facebook is the largest social networking sites and almost one third of the word population have a facebook account. Nowadays, most of our service providers like mtn, glo, etisalat and others do charge us for sending messages to our friend. But thanks to facebook because it has removed me from the bondage of sending message with money and you are also about to be removed from the same bondage.
To send free message on facebook, we will be making use of an application called CHATSMS. This application allows you to send sms to your friends in any part of the world at no cost even if the person does not have a facebook account. It supports all network providers in every country of the world. You can launch the application here.Make sure you are log on to facebook before clicking on the link.
After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to a facebook permission page which will ask you if permission should be granted to the application and you simply press Yes. After clicking on yes you will be redirected to the application page which shows you some column, the first column will prompt you to choose the country you want to send the free message to while the second column will ask you to press the number.
Before the number of the person you are sending to is the country code which will be automatically selected as soon as you choose the country.The last column will prompt you to enter the message you are sending to your friend. As soon as you lick on the send message icon, the message will get delivered to your friend or anyone you are sending the message to and it will be in this format.
If your name is Alex on facebook the message will read thus “Alex your message will be after your facebook name “. I have tried this application a number of times and it has never for once failed me, so just give it a try. You can start sending the message instantly here 


  1. I would have loved it if it works on java phones. I've tried it but it can only be viewed thru lappy (laptop). Except if one has an android device.

    Or is there any other means?


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