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How to fix Sound problem on Laptop

In every computer sound is usually the most important, so if you are experiencing serious sound problems then you’ve just landed in the right spot. It had always worked but not a guarantee that it most work for you, it all depend on how severe your laptop problem is.
We start by troubleshooting your laptop to know or detect where the problem is actually from.
Fixing Problem

1. Now firstly, you’ll have to restart your laptop. Now we are doing this because most time sound may fail only because your computer had some error and requires a reboot for everything to regain it default state.

2. You have to check seriously if you’ve mistakenly hit the mute button. There may be no error with your sound card whatsoever, and your computer may not even require a restart. Instead, your sound may be muted, or, alternatively, sound may be too low to be audible. Adjust your volume settings appropriately.
3. Now if the above did not solve your problem, then you’ll have to check if the problem is associated with old drivers on your laptop that need updating. Click on “My Computer,” then select “Properties.”
4. Click on Hardware. You should see the option for “Device Manager.” Double click “Device Manager,” and bring up the different components for your laptop. Navigate through the components and click on “Sound, Video and Game Controllers.” Hit the “Driver Update” button. This should launch an Auto Update Wizard that will update your drivers for you. Make sure that after you download your drivers you click on them to install them. Further, if your Auto Update Wizard fails for whatever reason, you may also search for sound-card drivers on your laptop manufacturer’s website. e.g. you can check for HP dv6000 or any HP device by visiting� search for drivers associated with HP.
5. After installing your drivers, restart your laptop your sound card should be working again. If your sound card is still failing, you will need it replaced entirely, and the easiest and safest way to do so without causing harm to other computer components is to send it off to your manufacturer for professional repair.
Hope the above tips really work for you.

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