How To Hide Number From The Reciever When sending SMS

1. Supposing you want Send an SMS to 07061020282, Go to Message > Settings > Text message > Sms Sending Profile > Set the Option "Send Sms As" to "Email"
2. You'll be asked for Sms Server, Just put the Phone number you're hiding your Identity from into the Space "07061020282", Just Save and Activate it.

3. Now, Go to Create New Sms, Then click Send, You will be asked for your email address, Put this without quotes "CHI @ COMM" where 'CHI' & 'COMM' is anything you want (You can out anything Inside, You might decide to use your Real Email Address).
4. Now Send the Message, You're done. Your recipient will recieve message from "CHI @ COMM" without your number. No Traces left.


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