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How To Uncover Your Skills And Special Talents

Learn how to identify your skills, talents and personal traits and recognize accomplishments you did not notice before.
Its not all about graduating with a first class, there are millions of graduate out there that are still looking for Job because they have not discovered their natural habitat. The fact that you have found your natural habitat
will keep you ahead of your colleague in Life. You don’t struggle much when you do what you love doing but you will always struggle to pass where you don’t belong

            To uncover your skills and special talents, ask yourself the following questions:
1.                  Are you a Born Again? If you are not a born again, it will be hard for you to discover your real skills/talents.
2.                  Good friends count on each other for lots of things. What do your friends count on you for?
3.                  What do you do for your parents /guardian to help them out when you have time?
4.                  If one of your friends were to brag about you, what would they say?
5.                  If you felt totally comfortable bragging about yourself, what would you brag about? What are you most proud of?
6.                  What good qualities did you inherit from your parents?
7.                  What courageous things have you done that you feel good about?
8.                  What creative things have you done that you feel good about?
9.                  What difficulties or barriers have you overcome to get to where you are now?
10.              Describe something you designed, created, built, made or fixed up that gave you a strong sense of satisfaction and tell why you feel good about it?
11.              Which subjects are you best at in school?
12.              What praise or acknowledgement have you gotten from your teachers?
13.              What do you know so well or do so well that you could teach it to others? What’s the main tip you would tell people about and how to do it superbly?
14.              Name about 10 qualities or characteristics of other people that you most respect or admire?
15.              Think of a problem that came up that had other people stumped but you were able to do something about it to improve the situation. What did you do? What does that say about you?
If you are truthful to yourself and answer the above 15 questions correctly, then you can discover your talents and skills don’t forget that been a born again is the first principle in discovering your special talents or skills.
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