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Amazing:2go Has more than 5 Million Active Users in Nigeria

2go has more than 5 million active users in Nigeria alone. The last statistics which was done in february shows that Nigeria has up to 5million active users on 2go. The population of Nigerians using 2go is even more than that of the country where it was started, that is in South africa.
It might also interest you to know that 2go is arguably the biggest mobile messaging platform in Nigeria offering the coolest way to communicate with your friends for free.

The messaging platform which recently hit 15 million active users globally, sees 20 million logins per day and sends 200 million messages per day between people.
With about 5 million active users in Nigeria, 2go claims to sign up 30,000 new users on average in Nigeria each day and at peak time, mostly in the evenings, the platform has almost 500,000 Nigerians online at the same time.

With 9 million total registered users, Nigeria has become the platform’s biggest market globally overtaking South Africa. Still, 2go is getting more and more popular, even on search engines.
In Google Zeitgeist 2010, Facebook was toppled  by 2go, in terms of search volume and the term, “2go” became the fastest rising search query in Nigeria during that year.
A quick look at the rising searches on Google during 2011 showed ’2go’ on the 2nd position, while in the past 90 days showed ’2go’ on 6th position and in the past 30 days, it showed ’2go’ in the 7th position, both for top searches, according to Google’s Insights for Search.
For what it’s worth, I think that the demand for and usage of the messaging platform will keep rising in 2012 and beyond. As Peter Lockhart, Head of Business Development at 2go admits: “It’s not easy catering for a user base that is growing as quickly as ours!”
“We’re constantly installing new hardware and making services more efficient to make sure that the network scales in relation to the increase in users,” he added. “We’re under enormous pressure to keep growing the network.”
As the network’s usage growth in Nigeria continues to soar, it is likely that 2go would be looking to engage with the users more and perhaps explore the business development opportunities within the Nigerian market.
Whatever the case, I’m sure that 2go will just keep doing what they’re doing to attract more users in Nigeria and providing an experience with mobile messaging.
If you are using 2go, there was a day that ETISALAT advertised with 2go for one full day.Any way. 2go will be good for marketing in Nigeria since it can target up to 5 million Nigerians especially youths.
Pls dont be a 2go addict oh..


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