A must Read : The Reason I am Different From You By Victor Ikeji

So, you really want to know why I am different from you. My reasons actually are not far-fetched but they are things you could relate with and I hope you learn a lesson or two from this. We are differen...t because:

You spend 5000naira to get a VIP treatment in a faculty dinner night and then go home struggling with a plate of garri without milk, I spent the same amount on transporting some of my wares to another state. I sat at the corner for regulars in that same dinner night.

You buy and wear animal prints, same colour belts and shoes to match and is concerned about the kinds and number of designer shirts and shoes in your closet. I buy stocks and shares, wear a single pair of shoes that is becoming lonely because it sits alone on my shoe rack. I am concerned about investments and returns.

You live in a 120k apartment, fitted with state of the art appliances just so the 'eves' could be entertained when they come around and then you are perceived as a 'big boy'. Your school apartment probably looks more sophisticated than your father's parlour. I lead an almost solitary life, manage a little room which most people jokingly refer to as a cubicle, have a book shelf with books that some of my friends see as too much and which I probably see as too little.

You spend time thinking about which club rocks the most, which neighbouring school to go 'chick hunting' and on arguments about who've had dated and 'blown' the hottest chicks in school. I spend time worrying about what new line of biz to venture into, which neighbouring school would need my wares and I argue about how and why some students remain broke.

I browse the internet for resources and stuffs such as 'virgin' businesses to tap into. I see social networks as the ultimate marketing tool which is why I want to be on every one of them. You browse the internet just for the fun of it, sometimes stumbling on some of my pages and getting me paid. You log into social networks just to find the girl with the single status, then spend time on long unimportant chats that add nothing to your life.

As a student, the number of times you find me in the bank, I am making deposits with little withdrawals at intervals. I am what some refer to as a silent achiever, nobody knows my worth because I don't talk much. You on the other hand makes withdrawals on 92% visit to the banks and hardly makes a deposit even as a student. You look flashy and sophisticated, people think you've got plenty money but you and I know you've got nothing.

Now what makes me different from you? I see opportunities lying everywhere, believes in doubling every cash that comes into my hand though some see me as stingy but if that would mean not living a lavish life, I am Ok with it. At the end of the day, I've accumulated enough wealth as a young man and would keep showing my '32' as I grow older.
You on the other hand have replaced saving with spending on your dictionary, waste lots of money just to impress friends who would run away when your pocket dries. At the end of the day, you remain broke because the only savings you'd have is the deposits which you made in the accounts of girls whom doesn't even care if you exist any longer.

PS: This write-up is more like an advise to every young man out there. The message is simple: UNDERSTAND YOUR MOTIVES AND REASSESS YOUR AIMS.
By Victor Ikeji

I want to say something about the author of this article. Victor Ikeji is a final year student of Combined biological science in UNN. He is a dedicated writer and a writer you can follow him  on twitter @slymwhte and this airticle was originally published on his blog at www.victorikeji.blogspot.com


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