Before You apply for UNN 2015 Supplementary: What You Need to Know

I have been helping UNN aspirants Freely since 2011 with necesssary information to gain admission into UNN.I took out time to write this to help many confused aspirants on courses to apply for this period.  Am also happy that many of my friends who i helped then in 2011 are already graduates today while many are still in school.
The supplementary application will start tomorrow and you need to be smart and act wisely before purchasing the supplementary form. There are some conditions required for the supplementary form and if you don’t adhere to it, You may end up dashing UNN N10,000 and also loosing the admission. This is not about typing AMEN on the comment box; I have to be so sincere with you here.

1.      If you did not score 200 and above in the POST UME, am sorry to say that you may not be able to get admission into UNN this year. The school clearly stated that the supplementary form is for those who scored 200 and above in post UME, Not average oh……… You may score above 200 in average but your post UME score is less than 200. It means you are not qualified for the supplementary. Even if you scored 300 in JAMB and scored less than 200 in post UTME like 199.5, 193, 167, 189 etc it means you are not qualified for the supplementary, So your JAMB and POST UTME should be above 200 ( NOT AVERAGE)

2.      You have to apply for a course that is related to the subject combination you wrote in JAMB and POST UTME. I will talk more on that at the end of this post.
3.      Apply for a course that your score is more than the cut off marks. You can see the cut off marks HERE. The school officially published the cut off marks  of the various departments

4.       You may ask, What are shortfalls?  They are the number of people that are needed in some departments. You may also realize that some courses were not mentioned at all. Courses like Medicine, Law, and Med. Rehab etc. But I want to give you a trick here. If your average was very close to the cut off mark of the course you applied for, For instance. The cut off mark for medicine is 295 and your average is 294 and you did not get admission in the merit list, Just apply for supplementary, In some cases you can still get that medicine and surgery because more names will surely come out in medicine and surgery in supplementary even though it was not listed in the short falls, and in some cases, You don’t get it but end up getting another course. If your average is high, the chances of getting admission via supplementary, is high compared to those with lower average scores.

5.      You need to be smart in applying for Supplementary. In the issue of Medical Lab science. JAMB Did not allow anyone to register Medical Lab. Science in JAMB due to some issues but Medical Lab. Science now want to admit people via supplementary. Medical Lab Science have admission Capacity of about 120-150 Yearly but the shortfalls says 94. Now If you had a very high average mark for courses like Medicine, Pharmacy, Medical Rehab , Radiography, Nursing and other top science courses with (ENG,CHEM,PHY,BIOLOGY), You can apply for Medical Lab science since they have much spaces.  Those with the subject combination of ENG, CHEM, PHY, BIOLOGY, You can apply for courses in Biological Sciences: Plant science and Biotechnology, Combined Biological Sciences and Zoology will be a hot shot for those with average of 203 to 245 as those with 250 average and above may go for courses like Medical Lab Science and may knock you off that side, Though those with average of 250 and above may get courses in Biological Sciences easier. Other faculties those with the combination of CHEM, PHY, BIO, and ENG can apply for are: Faculty of Agriculture courses, Agric extension and Crop science will be a very nice shot for those who want admission by all means. Others are some courses in Faculty of Education like, Education Sciences, Industrial Technical Education, Physical and health Education. Education science is another hot shot for those who want admission desperately. I’m a science graduate, that’s why I was able to explain science courses very well unlike art courses, but I will try my best that side too.

6.      For those who could not get Law, due to cut off mark issue, I really understand your pains, Most of your cut off marks are so high yet you could not make it in the merit list and the spaces available for shopping are so small. All hope is not lost. That’s why the journey of admission starts from the day you saw your JAMB result. Law applicants performed very well this year in JAMB and that’s why the cut off mark is the highest in the whole school. 297. But what next?. Those with very low average score in this category may find it very difficult, but am going to be sincere with you. The shortfalls in the faculty of arts is so low that many won’t even attempt to try German language as a course, But you can apply to courses in Faculty of Social Sciences, Courses like Social work, Combined Social Sciences, and Psychology. Under education, Arts education is a very hot shot to apply . This number 6 is for those with the subject combination of ENG, CRK, LIT, GOVT. It also possible to apply for those with the subject combination of ENG, GOVT, ECONS, LIT OR CRK.

7.      If you are applying for any course in Business Administration, Make sure that MATHS is part of your subject combination in JAMB. For instance, those with the following subject combination ENG, COMM, MATH and GOVT, Those with ENG, COMM/ACC, ECONS and MATH can apply for any course in Business Administration. Marketing is a hot shot in this category.
 For those with the following Subject combination MATHS, PHY, CHEM, ENG, You can apply for any course in Faculty of Engineering, Physical Sciences and Environmental Sciences. In Engineering, Agric and Bio resources Engineering and Material and Metallurgical Engineering are the 2 major hot shot there. I can say boldly that people in this category are the luckiest in admissions this year. In physical sciences, there are about 3 or 4 hot shot courses there. Like Combined Physical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Statistics and Pure/Industrial Chemistry are the hot shot courses there. For those applying to faculty of Environmental Sciences, You can go for Geo/Surveying. Estate Management and Urban /Regional Planning are hot shot courses there. If you have the following subject combination ENG,CHEM,PHY /GEO/ECONS/MATHS, You can also apply for courses in Environmental Sciences 

IN SUMMARY: If you go to the admission list, Check out some courses you want to apply for, Check out the number of people that their names came out in the merit list for that course, It will help you to know the chances of getting the course you want to apply . THAT’S SMARTNESS. You suppose to pay to know all these oh… LOL just joking. You will notice that in some of these courses only 2 people were admitted. I know a course where only 1, 5, 7 people were admitted in the merit list respectively. I wish you the best in your application.

To Increase your chances by not laying all eggs in one basket, You can also apply for UNN JUPEB. Click HERE for details on JUPEB programme

AD: For those who may want me to help them in purchasing the supplementary form, You can call or whatsapp me on 07061020282 or add me on BBM via 7F24B596. Terms and Conditions apply
P.S : I don’t do admission runs or support any form of it, Please do not call me for that purpose.
For those writing the 2016 JAMB, You can register for our Guidance and counseling Services and follow up by me. I will personally follow you up with guidance on what and what to do at each stage of admission + studying guide From JAMB to admission. I will also be updating you personally, Calling you personally on your admission journey. I will also give you my private line  where you can be calling for any academic problem, and I  will  also give you all admission tips to make sure you get admission in your course of choice  For those interested, You can call or whatsapp me on 07061020282 or add me on BBM via 7F24B596. Terms and Conditions apply.

Chime, Chinonso Simon (CHIMEX) Dip,, PGD (In view) 
 Manager,  Chimex Vinlex Technologies
Please this does not involve any form of admission runs.


  1. Excuse me sir ....i had an average score of 280 and i applied for Law but i wasn't given frm Benue State.....Pls sir is there still any glimpse of hope that my name would be in the next..???....And pls is it a must to shop for another Course before my name would appear for the Course i initially applied for.....????...Thanks alot


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