Growing Circle Presentation By Chimex

Are you tired of the current Economy?
Do you wish to have an alternative means of income?
Do you want a Passive Income?
If your answer is YES, Then you need to know about Growing Circle A.K.A G.Circle
If you know me Very well,I don't join a network that is not beneficial to a common man

Was founded in 2015 from USA and started full operations in Nigeria in January 2016.
And was formally launched on the 28th of May 2016 with 5 brand new car 2016 Model of FORD FOCUS awarded to 5 outstanding qualifiers.
Growing circle is an online advertising platform like Amazon, ebay, Jumia, konga etc,
You can buy and sell on the company's platform and also upload your products to sell if you are a member,
It also has a multi level marketing system where people can make a lots of money and benefits awards and rewards.
We’re committed to
having the best compensation
plan, affordable and effective services that keep our customers coming back, and the best culture of any company.
When you join growing circle you get much more than our outstanding services. You’ll experience our culture of fun, family, success, growth, passion,and integrity that will bring out the best in you
and inspire you to help bring out the best in others.
Growing Circle International is fully committed to promoting good works and helping those in need.
We are pleased to support easy means of selling and shopping with funding business growth.
We’ll also devote ourselves to improving
the lives of others.
Do you have an idea or dreams that need finances?
Do you have products you wish to sell or buy with ease?
Now is the right time for you to join us in this right course,
We are here to give you that support you dream of!
We are here to bring out the best in you!
Starter point -in this state you need only 6 people which will not be only done by you. Any person you introduce you will instantly get $15(#3,000) and at the completion of stage 1 you get $30 (#6,000) then you move to stage two also known as bronze stage.
in this stage you only need 11 people that has completed their starter stage to complete it .
At the completion of this stage you will get a total of $240 (#48,000) and an Android phone. At the completion of bronze stage, you go over to silver stage.
you also need 11 people from Bronze stage to complete this remember, it won't only be done by you but a team work of you and your down lines.
At the completion of this stage you get $625 (#125,000) and a 7'inch Tab. Then you move over to the next stage known as GOLD STAGE.
you also need 11 peoples from Silver stage to do this and at the completion of this stage you get $2200(#440,000) ,a brand new laptop and all expenses paid local trip for 3 days.
At the completion of this bystage you move over to PLATINUM STAGE.
you also need 11 people from Gold stage to complete this stage.
And at the completion of this stage you get ($6200) (#1,240,000) + 5 night trip to South Africa + a brand new Ford focus car worth $15,000(#3,000,000).at the completion of this stage you move to sapphire stage.
You also need 11 people from Platinum stage to complete this stage .
At the completion of this stage you get $31,500 ((#6,300,000) +5 night trip to Dubai worth ($2500)(#500,000)
A brand new Ford escape worth $25,000 (#5,000,000)
At the completion of this stage you move to the final stage known as DIAMOND STAGE.
You also need 11people from Sapphire stage to complete this stage and you get $85000 (#17,000,000)
A new Ford edge worth $40,000
(#8,000,000) and a house worth $80,000.(#16,000,000)
As everyone in your team of 11 benefits what you've benefited in diamond ( CASH, HOUSE, CAR) it becomes your turn again to earn the second time, and you keep circling around in Diamond with your team members.
Are you a student?
Undergraduate graduate?
Business man or woman?
You need this opportunity today with just #10,000. ($50) only.
You can visit our website for more info.
Call or whatsapp me on 07061020282


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