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UNN: Post Graduate Registration Procedures For New Students

Good day, all, It's been long I wrote on this blog.  I noticed that newly admitted postgraduate students are finding it difficult to generate their school fees invoice and acceptance invoice and decided to do a little write up on it.

You saw your name in the first PG admission list. Congratulations, If you are yet to check your name, Click HERE to download the first list. Hope you copied out your application number, it is very
important to write down your application number. Your application number is the one that looks like this UNN/PG/2016-17/*****

The first thing to do is to go to click on post graduate and under the sub menu click on the postgraduate portal like the picture below:

Under the Post Graduate Portal click on " Click Here to get Login details just like the screen below:

On the page that appears, Click on new students and enter your application number to bring out your login details. or Click HERE  or to bring out the verification page as shown below 
Don't forget to type the application number like this UNN/PG/2016-17/****
Once you enter your application number and click submit,  it will appear like the picture below:

Here your application number is your username and your password, I had to cover some part of the picture not to expose someone's application details.

Now go back to login with your application number as username and password. It will lead you to where you will change your password. Click on profile, under that click on Biodata

N.B Make sure you must have checked your PG screening result because without checking the result you can't get the invoice for acceptance and invoice. To check the PG screening Result, CLICK HERE
You can also get the PG result Checking Card at ICT office in UNEC or Nsukka Campus. You can also pay for the card online via ATM, I can also help you pay for it online. Check the contact at the end of this post

Under the PG Biodata, Fill in all the required details,  You will also need to upload your passport, If you are tech inclined you can extract your passport from your PG screening result and use it.

After filling the profile update and submitting, log out and log in again via Your profile will look like the screen below:

To generate acceptance Invoice, Click on Acceptance and click on Generate PG acceptance Invoice like the screen below

The same protocol applies when generating the invoice for school fees. and every other invoice.

N.B: I will advise you to make payments in the banks in as much as ATM can be used for payments because they will ask you for the teller when you want to convert to physical receipt which will be needed for clearance.

After making payment in the bank, Come back to and log in, Click on Acceptance, and click on PG acceptance and enter your RRR number to make payment, After paying acceptance fee, the admission letter will pop out, Print it out and keep 

Go to school fees tab and also pay using the RRR number that is used for payment in the bank. After that the online school fees receipt will pop out, Print it and keep. 

After paying School fees, Under the School fees tab, click on GET Reg Number to generate your reg number. After Generating your reg number, Print out the page where your reg number appeared.

After that, Go and reprint your school fees receipt, This time Your school fees will contain your reg number, Also go to the admission tab, and click on particulars of admission and print out the page.

All those documents you printed out will be used to open a file for you at the school of Postgraduate studies in Nsukka or Enugu Campus.

That's all you need to know.

AD: IF you don't have the time to go through all these stress online, I can personally help you out do all of them while you pay only in the bank, I will send all the required document in PDF to your email. IT IS NOT FREE OH. AND NOT BY FORCE. since you can still do it with the information I passed above. Call or Whatsapp Uncle Chimex on 07061020282.

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