At Chimex Vinlex Technologies, We Offer the following Services:

1.HIRING OF PROJECTORS: We hire projectors with high quality lumen at an affordable price. Our projectors are very bright and can work in any condition. Our projectors also come with Projector screens which is movable from one location to another. We have a 30m VGA cable which can be used to project from a long distance. WE also have a  4 portvvideo splitter which can be used to project  to 4 different sources at the same time. We Hire projectors within Enugu and neighbouring states. Our price is very affordable and there is always a discount if the projector is used more than a day. The satisfaction of our customers is our utmost concern.

2. LAPTOP SALES : Our Laptops are very affordable, and we sell laptops based on your budget. We have different brands of laptops such as HP, DELL, LENOVO. WE also have london used laptops at a very affordable price. Our targets is that every Nigeria will get a laptop at an affordable price. We supply laptops to any part of the country. We also install premium softwares on your laptop if you buy from us. 

3. LAPTOP FORMATTING/REPAIRS: We are professionals in formatting of laptops and repairs. We will format your laptop without losing any single file. We are always updated to make sure we give you the best in laptop upgrading and repairs. We can help you in installing any operating system including the latest windows 10. We are the laptop Doctors! and we ensure your system is working perfectly

4. COMPUTER TRAINING: We offer world class computer training. We can train privately, schools and corporate bodies. We train on computer literacy, Microsoft Office 2007,2010 and 2013. We also train undergraduate and post graduate students on research skills, ranging from google apps to the use of softwares to make project work fast and efficient. We also teach individuals and corporate organizations on Online Importation (i.e How to buy products at a cheap price from abroad via the internet) and entrepreneurship

5. CAREER DEVELOPMENT:  WE train individuals and corporate bodies on careeer development. We can help you develop a well packaged curriculum vitae/Resume and cover letter. WE can also train you personally on everything about career development. We are also into education consultancy. We counsel students and aspirants of tertiary institutions in Nigeria on career choice and development. We also counsel parents on school selection for their children

CONTACT US  HERE  or HOTLINE: 07061020282, 08179813777
Contact Email:
Whatsapp : +2347061020282


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